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SmartEDU, Inc. - searchable MA Frameworks

Learning Styles, etc.

The Hallowell Center
All Kinds of Minds
Learning Styles-
LD Online -
SparkTop -

English Language Arts

Literature Learning Ladders
Literacy Center Education Network™ - great sites to use with pre-k and k kids
International Children's Digital Library -
StoryPlace: The Children's Digital Library

Write Source: Student Models
Writing Fix: Get your daily writing fix here.
Student Writing Samples
ReadWriteThink - Harry Potter FanFic in All Shapes, Sizes
Student Writing Samples

Social Studies

Atlas - Xpeditions @
Welcome to the GEODE Initiative!
Welcome to!

A Kid's Guide to Government Compiance and Education Thank you Ms. Ward's Class from Maine!
Legal Match - Government sites for Kids
Government Agency Page- Thanks Ms. Newbury and J :)!
Presidential Powers- Thanks to the Girl Scouts of Denver, Colorado!


Welcome to Fast Rabbit Software Online
Make Puzzles and Use your Own Words: Word Sea...
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Brain Teasers
Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles : Puzzle & Brain Teaser Collection
Activities Games & Quizzes for Online Learnin... Puzzles, Games, and Contests
Math puzzles
Math Forum: K-12 Problems, Puzzles, Tips & Tricks :: logic puzzles, brainteaser...

Science & Technology

Union 38 District Science Curriculum Map
Virtual Architecture's Web Home

Astronomy for Kids - great links! Thanks Cindy and Elliott!

Cosmic Quest
JASON Project - Interview with an Astronomer html
Black Holes
How Old are the Stars
Night Skies Observation
Objects in the Sky
Enchanted Learning is another great one.

Travel in the Solar System
Sizing Up the Solar System
The Red Album
Mapping Mars
Exploring the Solar System
Our Solar System

The Nine Planets
Our Solar System
Classroom Tour of the Planets
Learning Planet Sizes

Enchanted Learning is another great one.


The Arts



Apple Learning Interchange
George Lucas Education Foundation Featured Sites

Education World ®
The Lesson Plan Library
Global SchoolNet Foundation - Linking Kids Around the World!
Learning and Leadership Network
Specialized Search Engines & Directories
Lesson Plan Finder
LessonLab SkyLight - HOMEPAGE
Aspects of learning theory Instructional Design Knowledge Base
PLS Products
American Teachers: Free access to over 280,00...
PedagoNet-Learning Resources Database
Tapped In Home
Welcome to
Kid Pix-Learning Ideas, Grades 2-4
Sites for Teachers
Eric Carle : Teacher Resource Unit
Kidz Online - Lesson Plans
A to Z Teacher Stuff: Lesson Plans for Pre

Information Literacy

Definitions of Information Literacy and Related Terms
Drew Smith, an instructor at the University of South Florida in Tampa, has compiled a glossary of terms related to information literacy.

Texas Information Literacy Tutorial (TILT)
This wonderful online tutorial presents the skills needed to evaluate information in this age of overload.

The Information Literate School Community
Jamie McKenzie's article suggests that information literacy should incorporate three steps: prospecting, interpreting, and creating new ideas.

Simile: Studies in Media and Information Literacy Education
For educators and librarians, these articles address the impact of the Internet and the evolution of mass media.

Media Literacy: Yes, It Fits In Math and Science Classrooms
Information literacy, or media literacy, now appears in the education standards for almost every U.S. state. What is the connection to mathematics? This article provides some answers.

The Library Hot Five is archived! Go to:


Northwestern University's Collaboratory Project:

Learning Technology Skills

Software Tutorials - Atomic Learning, Inc.
BBC - Skillswise Tutors - Information technol...


Internet Search Strategies for Everyone


Intel Education: Learning With Handhelds
hice: Center for Highly Interactive Computing in Education

Movie Making with Students

Digital Story Telling

Tech Specialists

CoSN: The Consortium for School Networking
Apple Learning Interchange
The George Lucas Educational Foundation
Center For Advanced Research & Technology
Technology Lessons
Software Tutorials - Atomic Learning, Inc.
Education World ® Technology Center: The Inte...
LAN -Teaching and Learning for Life
Welcome to AEA Leadership in Learning
Educational Technology Information Center
Instructional Design Knowledge Base
Give Something Back International Foundation
Intel Education: Learning With Handhelds
Global SchoolNet Foundation - Linking Kids Ar...
Teaching with Technology
Virtual Architecture's Web Home
Center For Advanced Research & Technology :::...
LessonLab SkyLight - HOMEPAGE
Technology Standards: A Leader's Manual
Educational Technology Information Center
North Carolina Launches Action Plan for High ...
MSNBC - Education, 21st Century-Style
Active Learning with PowerPoint: Overview
Preparing Teachers for the 21st-Century Class...
Designing the 21st Century Classroom
21st Century Schools
The Choices Program |
Let's Collaborate

Multiple Intelligences

Find an Experts Page for Multiple Intelligenc...


Accessible Web Page Design
Visually Impaired Resource Guide
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Home Page
SNOW (Special Needs Opportunity Windows) Home...
Welcome to Bobby WorldWide
WebAIM - Web Accessibility in Mind
AWARE Center Homepage -- HTML Writers Guild
Accessible Web Design


WebQuest Portal

How to make a Great WebQuest:
Building Blocks of a WebQuest
Google Search: webquest template

WebQuest Templates:
Put Your WebQuest Title Here for Menubar

Some Great WebQuests:
Put Your WebQuest Title Here for Menubar
Harry Potter WebQuest
**Fairy Tales Webquest
Magical Fairytale Moments
Fourth Grade Ellis Island WebQuest
Adventure Into the Unknown: A Webquest on the...
A Tale to be Told
Simple Machines Webquest
Simple Machines
Weather Watchers
Planet WebQuest
A New Life: Coming to America
Design a Healthy Lesson for Your Class

Global Projects

Give Something Back International Foundation
Global Virtual Classroom: A Free Online Education
Global SchoolNet Foundation - Linking Kids Around the World!
Join an On Line Project
Global SchoolNet Partner Programs: Friendship...
iEARN - International Education and Resource ...
TakingITGlobal - Inspire. Inform. Involve.
The Global Water Sampling Project

Research Skills

Big6: An Information Problem-Solving Process
Big6 Matrix: Use the Internet with Big6 Skill...
Big6 Resources
The Big 6

Search Engines

KidsClick! Web Search
KidsClick!: Search Tools
KartOO visual meta search engine

Open Directory - Kids and Teens
Homework Planet
All Subject Categories

KidsWeb - MCPL
SuperKids SuperSearch

Directories and Web Guides to Use
100 Top Kid Sites - 100 Hand Picked Top Kid Sites
4Kids Treehouse - A fun, safe place for kids
Awesome Library - K-12 education directory
Ben's Guide - U.S. Government Web Sites for Kids
Educational Hotlists - links selected by the Franklin Institute
EduPuppy - Early Childhood Education Preschool - Grade 3 - Kids-Links from education to games
FirstGov for Kids - U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal
Internet Public Library Youth Division - selected sites
Great Sites - 700+ great sites selected by American Library Association
K.E.W.L. - Kids Excellent Web Links
KidGrid - selected sites
KidsClick - web directory by a bunch of librarians
KidsKonnect - web directory maintained by educators
Kidslink - 11,000 educational internet links
Kid - selected sites
Kid's Online Resources - selected and paid sites
Kids on the Web - selected sites
Kids World - selected sites for older kids
KIWE Interactive - pre-approved sites reviewed by educators
Linkasaurus - "official" kids sites
Linkopedia's Kid Zone - selected sites
LookSmart - For Kids - selected sites
Open Directory - Kids and Teens - sites selected by a vast army of volunteer editors Picadome Elementary - selected curriculum research links
Ready to Learn - sites from New Hampshire Public Television and PBS
Search Beat - Family and Kids Resource Center
SuperKids - selected sites
Webschooling - selected sites
Yahooligans - selected sites

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black History Month

"I Have a Dream" Found Poem Word Mover
How Big are Martin's Big Words? Thinking Big about the Future
Biography Project: Research and Class Presentation
Lessons In Courage - Partner Reviewed Site

Dr. King's Dream
Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Power of Nonviolence
Ordinary People, Ordinary Places: The Civil Rights Movement
EDSITEment NEH Spotlight February 2001: NEH Supported Projects on
African American History
January 2002: Historical Beginnings Around the World
Let Freedom Ring: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day