Trimester Project: Keyboarding and Word Processing
Term Project Rubric click here to download

Project 1: Who Am I and What's My Learning Style?

Project 2: Excel Basics

Project 3: Green River Watershed - "In Plain Site"

Project 4: The Internet - The Basics

Project 5: Treasure Map - Using Google Maps

Project 6: Animation

Optional Project 7: StarLogo or Scratch

Optional Project 8: Eric Carle (coming soon)

Optional Project 9: Digital Photography (coming soon)

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Students in grade 6 will explore learning styles and begin to understand how they learn best. They will work on the basic skills of keyboarding and Internet searching and safety. They will also have opportunities to work with data sets using spreadsheets and databases.

Keyboarding and Graphics manipulation skills will continue throughout the semester. We will end the quarter with some drawing, animation, and programming.

Standards MA Instructional Technology and NETs-students